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FOTOmaki: Special Effects Photography

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Welcome to fine art photographer, 
I H Kuniyuki 's photography site!


Roderick of Sky Cries Mary; Actual size=240pixels wide

In this BW photo, i colored it with a Sharpie pen and then smudged it with my fingers. Usually reproducing it via Canon Laser Copy. Why? cheap.

Everyone knows how to do something. What i know is--working with black and white films and papers to create darkroom magic. I can do it all on the computer, but i don't. WHY? i use the computer as a tool to cut down the darkroom time and wasted paper, as these days the papers and specialty films are quite expensive. I use photoshop as a means to figure out what effects i already have mastered can be replicated to some sense of similar alteration.
I can do almost all of the special effects on photoshop for altering photos via the darkroom. There are a specific few that i prefer to experiment with..they are the Sabattier Effect, photograms, pinhole cameras,polaroid transfers, acrylic gel lifts, xerographics, bas relief, layered images, altered colors, printing black and white film thru various masking films, weird lighting. I primarily use outdated film and papers for all my photography.

low tech photo for SkyCriesMary--(c)IHK/1988.

Loyal fans of  the artist, IHK.
Allan de Souza, ihk, Yong Soon Min, Mayumi Tsutakawa


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