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FOTOmaki: Special Effects Photography


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for an interesting photo camera search fighting off masses of people of all ethnicities, visit your local wal-mart. there you will find many discontinued things that you cant find at Ritz camera and other photo retailers.  really cheap point and shoots, disposables, batteries both alkaline, nimh, li-on the kinds that Radio Shack charges an arm and a leg for. under $39 bucks.   make sure you eat a high protein bar and suck down some energy fluids before making your trek over. the high-beam fluorescent lights will suck the life out of your eyeballs and brain. you'll be a wal-mart zombie in no time!! also wear low-profile tight-fitting knapsack and light clothing, as not to attract all the SECURITY to follow you throughout the entire store.  if you wear black comfortable clothes(sweats, hoodie, cargo pants, parka,etc) and you're looking at all the photo related stuff--you'll be targeted.  even if you are asian/black/latino and the workforce their are asian/black/latino, they gotta make their Racial Profiling Quota--you'll still be followed.
the cheapest of everyting is found at Wal-mart, the crafty dept is pretty incredible some stuff is $5 cheaper than Michaels or Office Max!
digital print papers, dvds, cds, cords, cameras.  you just dont expect to have ANY customer service, expect to stand in massive lines and write down what isnt there to get a raincheck. 

Types of CAMERAS:

Quad shot toy camera- by Nickelodeon

Looks cool, not the greatest images, add it to your collection.

the LOMO, with glass lens-a.k.a.  SMENA 35

the camera above is one of the best plastic cameras on earth, i like it way better than all the holga/diana cameras, this one is russian and takes 35mm film. It tends to over-expose, so u need to bracket. The best part of the over-exposures is that u can take shots in really low light conditions!!  try not to use it in the desert or really bright light, as you'll be getting fogged film ( tape up the back with black gaffer tape ).

HOLGA, good if u want blurry/foggy pix,

This is the infamous HOLGA 120 film plastic camera, square format! if u set it on "bulb" setting, u can get long exposures of the moon, and light trails. i havent been able to get anyting good, but Mike Shannon has some really fantastic holga shots!
Pentax Spotmatic body only.
The Pentax camera body like this can be altered and enhanced to a pinhole camera, bodies like this are cheap ($50-80), they can be a beatup looking camera and still be good. The camera doesnt need to have a working light meter as long as the frame advance works and the shutter works fairly well.

URBAN OUTFITTERS- ONLINE only : offers great, cool, lo-fi, lo-tech cameras such as the LOMO and the 110 film pinhole camera with wide angle lens.
i recently got a hold of one of those,  now just trying to get the film for it --- no one processes 110 film in Seattle for under $15 ~~ so use CLARK COLOR LABS- you'll find them in the small print ads in Shutterbug magazine or google them.
now that digital has gone mad with the 12.5 sony point n shoot in all black body-- i think there's gonna be a new wave of  analog comeback for manual cameras.

Use a drill to make this hole in the can. Then, cover this hole with a piece of foil that you've made a tiny hole it for your aperture. With this type of can you want a tiny hole, for 10 secs exposure in bright sunlight- using a #1 fiber-based single weightpaper.
before and after drilling your hole

Old Cool Cameras!

 before 110 there was the Sub Miniature Minolta 16!  (close to lifesize)

day lab jr the good one!

What is best for the Polaroid Transfer, is this model Day Lab Printer Jr.


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FORTE polycontrast paper - my favorite.

KODAK ELITE Double Weight Fiber Grade 2 the  best for contrasty negatives, this paper seems dull compared to Agfa and Ilford's equivalent.

Kodak Elite Double Weight Fiber Photographic paper- Grade 2, best for contrasty negatives, this paper seems dull compared to Agfa and Ilford's equivalent .

If u can find this paper, it is the best for solarized photos.

more images soon.