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FOTOmaki: Special Effects Photography


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for locally available older work, check out Merryweather Books in West Seattle, they're nestled between West5 and The Discovery Shop on California Ave in the Junction shopping district.


Click the link above to see all the cool products that sport my imagery, it's the ONLY way for you to purchase my work.

The Flyer
The Party - May 3, 5:30--9pm!

Antioch University Seattle 35th Anniversary  Exhibition and Art Sale--May 3 thru June 8th, 2011.
The Alki Bath House- January-March 2010
on the shoreline.
@ Wallflower Custom Framing in West Seattle.
MARCH of the PENGUINS- june thru aug-2009
somewhere  in fremont, ballard, phinney, greenwood.
THE CALIFORNIA ROOM-4205 calif. ave sw -2008-9
" the ArtZone @ artwalk"- with 3 other artists , 2nd thursdays.
TERRA HEMP in wallingford- June 2008
" my gullFrends " photos of da' gullz and their peeps.
ALKI MAIL & Dispatch-4701 Sw Admiral Wy .May 2008
" my gullFrends " photos documenting a few friendly Gulls .
SHOOFLY PIE CO.  Dec 13, 2007- Jan 24th 2008
Taylor's Travels Part 1-adventures of the Pudgie Bunny!   4444 California Ave Sw. -in the Junction.
MAY thru June 21, 2007 @ The Tea Gallery
2blocks south of the intersection of Admiral Wy SW and California Ave SW in West Seattle.   The work on display represents a year-long meditation on beachlife on the Puget Sound.  All photos were taken on a Minolta Dimage g600 point and shoot 6.0 mega pixel camera and printed at Costco. 


tracings of white
dust the gallery walls
paying tribute to the fallen dancer
sept 10, 1985
>>ihk in 2004.


highlights from the show !

West Wall installation -the first week.

Brickwall north

on the NE red wall by window

My solo exhibition at Seattle's Delight Hamilton Gallery in Pioneer Square in February. The  turnout has been great !! even though (for some strange reason) none of the mainstream newspapers in the city will run the announcement.    
There was a good article by Liza Javier International Examiner ,,,, that's the only one-- if u can find an issue .
Here are a few photos that highlight the exhibition
titled   DARKNESS IN DREAMS :  inochi

SW wallscape-


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