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FOTOmaki: Special Effects Photography

War & Peace

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here are the photos that i feel represent the feelings of the times that we are living...

The VIDEO above shows the ongoing war, and the war of words from one creative protestor and his opponents (pro-war), all of the flyers were on the corner of Broadway and E. Terrace St near Seattle University ( a jesuit school with an ROTC program )

 the ANTI-WAR marches:

The Approach--on broadwy /(c) ihk photos
Passing Pine St/(c) IHK photos.
singing We Shall Overcome (c) IHK photos
Kneeling at the Intersection (c) IHKphotos.
Community Activists up front  (c) IHKphotos
Peaceful Spirits - (c) IHKphotos.

feb15,2003  (c)IHKphotos




Apathy among Us (c) IHKphotos.

"ive been photographing protests and  demonstrations since 1983 and here on this page i have a chronology of work and links to my other pages .


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