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Seattle Kokon Taiko

Aug 6th - SKT at Hiroshima to Hope Event. 2005

I was watching Q13 news tonite, and right before the sports, a local ad for an Auburn Car dealership came on.
All i heard was Auburn, Japanese and taiko beats.

Here u have an actual taiko song being played, it's many angles and cuts of Seattle Kokon Taiko! For car folks, its enough car imagery and for taiko fans, there's enough shots that u recognize the players, and u want to see it again. the shots i remember had Lika, Kosta, Marinda, they were most recognizable. I need to see it again. the drum arrangement was either Kagami or Kaeru..?

Do you recall the other visual ad with taiko?

It was the fancy editing Mitsubishi's flame & smoke ad where u see blips of an odaiko and slick poses and standard drumming and dont see a car at all- it gets BORING really fast. WhY? cuz there's not enuff actual taiko being played and u cant really see the faces. 

 afloat on their journey to the spirit world

SKT performed 3 songs at the annual Hiroshima to Hope
 : Hachijo, Soranbushi,  and Alamorgordo.

on Hachijo: Mimi Wong  was doing percussion (mokugyo and atarigane with shimoku/beaters).  on Soran Bushi:ocean drum, on Alamagordo:
percussion/Tibetan chime .
Shime players were Charlene Lee on Hachijo and Coll Thrush on Alamorgordo
Chu-daiko only on Soran Bushi ---
Performers were:  Stan Shikuma, Joyce Nakamura, Kosta Kyriacopoulos, Charlene Lee, Jina Oshiro, Lika Roberts, Coll Thrush, Mimi Wong

Chillin' with members of KODO, 2002.

Yoko of Kodo and Lika of SKT
Yoko Fujimoto & Lika Roberts

Chieko of Kodo with Marinda of SKT
Chieko Kojima of KODO , Marinda Chen of SKT

Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival in 2002.

carol on fue.

SKT  is  always a Seattle  Cherry Blossom Festival favorite!

SKT lineup.

Seattle Kokon Taiko /i.h. kuniyuki photos.

these photos were taken on a sony p-50 digital camera.