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Taiko at it's best: Tyrone & Garrett Nakawatase and Max Honkawa!
All of Inochi Taiko got their start with Scot Kamimae's instruction when they were youngsters at 9yrs old with Tsunami Taiko. After TT, Garrett went on to perform with One World Taiko, then leaving in fall of 2002. Tyrone then left TT and performed with  One World Taiko
until the fall of 2003.  Both now out of other taiko groups, formed their own brand of taiko - fast, powerful and exciting.  Max, one of the original TT kids joined up with Inochi summer of 2004- at their debut performance at the Blaine Methodist Church on the saturday of Bon Odori.

This video clip of them at one of their recent performances- debut of Max's new song- untitled, but awesomely executed.