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Bon Odori
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Bon Odori thru the ages...

White River Obon- 2006// tokyo ondo with a towel- it was HOT!

Brief introduction to Obon festival to be added soon.

The Video clip below is from San Jose's Obon festival 2007. lots of cool dances with LiVe music accompaniment!- less pushy and bossy than the Seattle Obon, which got soaked this summer.

Seattle bon odori in the 1960's!
Copyright Yuki Kuniyuki Jr.

Aug 4, 1959---photo by YUKI
Aug 4, 1959- Sachiye /photo by Yuki Kuniyuki Jr

sachiye-bon1959_w.jpg //Photo by YUKI

"Obon with Shigaya"- Sachiye Kuniyuki photo.
Aug 4, 1956--Seattle Bon Odori - Sachiye Kuniyuki photo.

The movie clip can be viewed in a higher resolution at the site where its originally posted =    search as " bon odori in the nw"  or   bon odori, seattle    and u should  be able to find it easily.
but for now you can view a blurry version, on you tube u can shrink the screen size so it is clearer.