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copyright i.h.kuniyuki, 2007

It's CiCaDa Season in the state of illinois! the majority of the invasion is located near the Forest Preserves in Park Ridge, il.--this is a suburb near Chicago.  Cicadas crawl up anything with a vertical dimension..babies, your legs, dogs, even the toy bunny seen below.

This video clip was shot by vivian yamakoshi using a point and shoot digital camera nikon 4mp.

if you're looking for my Art Photos,  please click the butoh photo below-->
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IHK photo without photo-credit.- as all of u know,
mika, GooSayTen butoh, sapporo jpn

Eyecandy, started out as the Taiko Photo Gallery in 2001, now it's on the verge of 2006, and i've expanded the site to include reviews, interviews and interesting facts on taiko and other groups that incorporate taiko in their music, or taiko players who have moved on to other forms of art/music. 
My ART is "eXperimental". IT IS  Photography that breaks the rules ,  i employ methods of process that are regarded as improper to purists, as in modifying cameras into mutated technology- by manipulating the lens or the film chamber- merging lotech with hitech.
Unconventional Shooting techniques—dangling my camera upside down and shooting by figuring out the angles of motion in relation to the swinging motion of the camera.

The photographic style i've mastered is Uniquely Innovative and CooL, like me.

100% trust between the subject and photographer
shoots using the yatai position, with abs of steel
The Taiko Photographer!

-InnovAsians in Taiko Photography-

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos.
Please remember that all my content on these pages on EYECANDY are
All Rights Reserved. All trademarks and brands are property of their respective owners.
If you want to use one of my photographs
Please Ask First., thankyou.

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