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Sansei Vision
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"in china_me-and-mao"/ photo of YUKI!

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"tourist over the wall" /Photo by Yuki

" in the park " / Photo by Yuki

korea_children in the park/ (c) Y.A. Kuniyuki Jr

We have over 1,000 photographic images from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia from 1970-73 time period-- color slides and black and white prints, negatives that have never been printed or looked at after development.  If anyone is interested in using any of the images please contact us. 
Right now we are looking at the 600 or so kodachrome slides from Korea, and i must say that they are like  those " Day in the Life " kind of  day to day documentary on people's lives from that time period.  They are very cool and stunning--from an asian american photographer's perspective-!


SanseiVision: It's in the Genes is  an exhibition of photographic works by

Yuki Kuniyuki Jr. & I.H.Kuniyuki- curated by I.H.K. from  July 8  --  August 16, 2002.

Yuki Kuniyuki Jr. and I.H.Kuniyuki separated by time (the last time he saw me i was 1 yr old)and circumstance connected by genetics, (he's my half-brother, and hapa) re-united by chance and cyberspace (he was surfing the web and came to the Camera Obscura url, where he read the guestbook and saw my name-he clicked on my email address)- together find what was lost and create this exhibition thru 2 years of e-mail and exchanges of photos. (after seeing his works and showing them at REXgallery in 2000, everyone noticed that my work and his were very similar and we worked for the same community papers) This exhibition is the culmination of their combined knowledge and imagery spanning the late 1940's to 2002.

Yuki's work is photojournalism and commercial, yet easily fits the profile of cutting-edge art. I.H.Kuniyuki's work takes off where Yuki's ends.  

From the streets of Seattle's Chinatown and the Central District to the cities and countrysides  of  SE Asia, Korea and Japan, to behind the scenes candid moments of  our nation's presidents on Air Force One, SanseiVision provides a unique photographic journey.

SANSEI VISION is a work in process.
This groundbreaking retrospective was held at The M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery inside Seattle Central Community College, at 1701 Broadway, Seattle, WA. 
If you'd like to host a scaled down version SANSEI VISION, u can contact the curator at ! 

***** PS: July 17 's reception  & slide presentation was maxxed out with over 160 people attending!  The THAI KITCHEN donated the eats and everyone had a great time! This show is averaging some 25 people a day in attendance and the highlight of the attendees  were the 2/3 HANAYUI  from KODO!

Special thanks to all the Asian American Journalists Association and Lori Matsukawa for getting the word out..

Funny thing tho, none of the mainstream media gave up any ink or air time  for our show...Racism is still out there -- so for all u  critics ,  Why no mention of SANSEI VISION ????

thats all i gotta say for now.

MOre photos will be added periodically, especially the ones that weren't in the show.


"Lift Off - apollo 11"--

photo by YUKI.

Yuki's pal Frank by YUKI.
Painter, Frank Okada.

photos by YUKI./seattle.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at the  photos. Please get in touch with SANSEI VISION or write any comments or reactions!