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Sansei Vision
YUKI / 5
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I. H. Kuniyuki
New World DisOrder -- IHK
Beginnings -- I.H.K.
YUKI's trip to China in 2005

china_11rickshaw_/ photo by yuki

china_kids-on-bikes/photo by YUKI

china_girl in a garden / photo by Yuki

All the images were shot on various 35mm cameras with color print film that passed thru Xray machines at least 4 times. I've found that it enhances the grain structure to my liking.  Yuki sent me a stack of CDs loaded with pics for me to go thru and edit into a coherent body of work for another show. I sifted thru the cds, and 9 cds of 24 exposures giving me 116 images to choose from. All of them were good, but there were 80 that were interesting, and  20 that were outstanding! ---I. H. K.
( initially, Yuki thought none of the pics were anygood, and was all cranky about them, so i put them to a song called " The Grand Love Song"  by  Chinese Canadian composer, Lee Pui Ming.  in  this moving image format,  somehow thru  my mind's eye, the images flowed seamlessly to her music, it was a match made with the blessings of the Gods.  I was thinking that if he could see them thru my selective vision i could bring out his passion for  photography that he thought he'd lost.
  After Yuki viewed the movie, he commented that " it made me cry, it was so perfect, how i was thinking about shooting in China, it really captured my memories" .

" Private Moments " /photo by Yuki, altered by IHK

 Some of the images, were  interesting but didn't have any impact, so i played around with  graying out the backgrounds and  cutting down the saturation..         -----IHK