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Beginnings -- I.H.K.
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Evolution of a Style

 I have been taking pictures since around 1973, first camera was a GAF 110 instamatic with flashcube attachment. My subjects were mainly the world around me,  my neighborhood surrounding 13th and South Washington Street-- considered
" bad"  by most people of all me was where i was most comfortable.  HOME.  Sure there some scary times, like when some crazed white guy with a gun climbed into the yard from Farwest Taxi and ran thru the yard dropping bullets -while i hid in the shrubs, when i think of those times i wish i had a movie camera.  More action outside than on the tv!
My early photos were things in my yard or across the street, old cars,  empty houses, and police chasing perps. 
From the GAF110 i graduated to the Pentax Spotmatic, given to me by my brother K.  who said go figure it i did.  I took my first photography class at a program for Inner City Youth at Lakeside High School summer school. Shot film, developed it and printed it, we also shot super8 movies , acted in them and edited them.
Garfield High School, i was on Yearbook, had to write captions for the Sports photos,  took candid shots of people at assemblies and  lunchtime, i used a Konica 35EFP  point and shoot, it was one of the first automatic cameras out that used 35mm film.  In my Biology and Environmental Studies classes, we went on lots of  Extended School Activities ( fieldtrips )  and i was the photographer .  Subjects: people at school, people interacting with nature,  stunning landscapes and Kodachrome sunsets.  (no flash). be continued.

i still consider myself as "self-taught".