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FOTOmaki: Special Effects Photography

Going Places

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Travel Photos!

IF u travel, u need to travel light and compact,  ditch your heavy gear for the lightweight  with rechargable  Lithium-Ion  (Li) AA batteries and charger. A small mini DV  prosumer type of video camera, digital 6-7 mp digital camera and 3- 512mb memory cards. if u have a light weight laptop computer that u can transfer your images to a cd along the way and make 2 sets of cds, one with u and the other send it back to u from where ever u are at.  ( incase something happens to your originals)
I have found a great  Lab to send my film to get negatives, slides , cd and prints for a  really good price  $18 -23.  all at the time of processing, i've been using this service since 1980, i havent had any problems with them so far.  they are DALE LABS in HOLLYWOOD FL
If you need cheap prints with fairly good color correction, then any Costco or Ritz Cameras as emergency options.
In these days, if u travel anywhere  local or afar-- the bottom line is u have to CARRY ALL YOUR IMPORTANT GEAR  on you with your camera bag that never leaves your body.
My Magnets ( finished and unfinished ) and bottlecaps were TAKEN by the Airport Security in SEATAC and Atlanta. the Atlanta TSA took my magnets and bottle caps.


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